Let me introduce Booda Bike

General informations 


A tasteful combination of classic lines and modern engineering. Traditional steel tubes, nice geometry spiced with carbon fork and modern, quality components like belt drive system. These properties are shared by all the Booda Bikes.
We are trying to communicate the lifestyle we are in love with and what these bikes represent. Having freedom, enjoying life, sunshine, surfing, having adventures, sporting and commuting with a huge smile on our face. That's the reason we chose the slogan #Enjoytheride!

"Smooth, premium, belt driven, clean. Improvements over conventions."


Why is it great?

The feeling of the ride. The components, the wheel, the brakes, the weight. Everything was designed to get the best riding quality. It feels like every detail is complete. We are constantly expanding our range and continuously introducing new types of Boodas so that everyone can find the one that fits them the best. They may seem like the same, but all the bikes have their own personalities. 


Classic style mixed with clean, modern technology. This gives the true taste of the design. Matte black color mixed with glossy black logos that are only visible when the light reflects. No one likes a bike that has eyedisturbing, huge logos on every component. The Possible components are fitting nicely with the clean look in the composition of Booda bikes.



Steel frame, carbon fork, and aluminium components. These are the basic materials but of course you can upgrade to carbon rims, carbon handlebars and carbon seatposts. 



Our assembly is based on perfect matches. We use stiff and clean looking Possible components, to complete Booda frames' geometry and durability. Gates carbon drive is one of the reasons you want to start riding, and making you don't want to stop. But if you need to, you can rely on hydraulic Tektro disc brakes that provide a highly efficient braking experience.

Slow down a little bit? No problem, smooth shifting can help you get back in motion. Alfine 8 and 11 speed gearhubs and Rohloff speedhubs make you feel the power at any RPM/Cadence.



As we are growing and collecting feedbacks and experiences we are constantly widening the palette of the Booda Bikes. Now we are focusing on the Urban, Road, Gravel and Tour usage. 

Growing out from Massive Bikes

We started our business as Massive Bikes more than 5 years ago. We were building custom belt driven bikes, with Rohloff gearhub, Pinion gearbox and Alfine gearhubs. We experienced what components work well, what combinations give you the best riding experience and what companies, components and solutions are worthy to let go. We gathered these datas and experiences into the creation of our own bike brand. Now Massive Bikes is the only distributor of the Booda bicycles. By using this selling strategy, where we not only build, but sell our own bikes, we can keep a good price. 

Riding in Budapest

Our headquarter is in Budapest, Hungary. It is a lovely city to ride. Classic architecture mixed with the modern buildings compose an amazing atmosphere. Commuting here could never get boring. You can explore the city, find different perspectives, and new places with unique attitudes. Cycling in Budapest is not only a way of transport, but a whole different lifestyle. More and more people start to use bikes to avoid traffic jams, save the environment and enjoy the ride.



Experiences with Gates Belt Drive System 

Gates Belt Drive System was one of the main reasons we chose the bike industry to start business in. We wanted to build a bike that lasts long. The goal was to minimize the need of maintenance and to have the feeling that the rider can just hop on the bike anytime and kill the pedals. Gates Belt Drive System fits into this ideal concept. We don't have issues, the riding feeling goes up to a higher level, the users fell in love with the look and the feeling and belt drive makes our bikes more special.  Simply said it's perfect for our road bikes.

First trip with Booda Bikes

The last step of the manufactoring process is testing. We wanted to make sure that the final products are 100% and the users are going to be satisfied, so we packed the bikes onto a car and headed to the sea. We did not have any plans where to go. The whole trip was spontaniuous. After a 6 hour drive we arrived to Croatia, Krk island. 

We brought a singlespeed urban bike, a citybike with Alfine gearhub, a gravel bike and a road bike. Four bikes, four guys. As we arrived, we took the bikes off the roof and started exploring the island. Krk has an amazing mediterranean culture so the atmosphere was captivating. The weather was perfect, the roads were curvy. After a short ride we went straight to the beach with the bikes, climbed up to the cliffs and jumped into the sea. The water was refreshing and gave us some energy to continue our trip. We found a quiet shore and made our camp. 

The next day we rode 60 kilometers. It was kind of a challenge, because of the scorching sunshine and hard climbs. But as everyone knows, if you go up you have to go down. And the second part is just pure fun. Perfect curves formed from asphalt on the rocky mountains. There are just a few things you want more than this at that moment. We had everything, the technology we can rely on, the landscape we can delight on, friends with the same passion for bikes.

We really enjoyed the downhills with these bikes. The tires had perfect grip, the brakes were effective and of course there were no problem with the Gates Carbon Drive system. The third day was mainly just a celebration of the whole experience. Chilling on the beach and mixed feelings about to go back to Budapest.

It was a great first experience. We've got some new information to make the bikes even better.