Rohloff Oil of SPEEDHUB 500/14 25 ml-Set (All seasons + Cleaning Oil)+8205

Rohloff Oil of SPEEDHUB 500/14 25 ml-Set (All seasons + Cleaning Oil)+8205

Rohloff Drain screw (10 units.)

Rohloff Drain screw (10 units.)

Rohloff Drain screw

Drain screw
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High quality, precision bicycle transmissions. Providing a proven, durable construction and outstanding performance coupled with extremely low maintenance costs. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is THE benchmark against which lesser bicycle transmissions are compared.

Rohloff products are constantly under the spot-light both in high performance sports as well as continuous operation in the touring cycling sector. A SPEEDHUB 500/14 bicycle transmission is the ideal complimentary component for high-powered E-bikes and capable of withstanding the enormous torque produced by both Tandem and Cargo Bikes.


Timeless: The Rohloff hub is an extremely durable product. It is so well made that it will not be too obsolete in a long time. Rohloff is a man for a lifetime.

Reliable: In addition, it is a very reliable product. It won't let you down on a long trip.

Mud: If you are planning to cycle on muddy terrain, then this is the right choice. They are extremely well sealed so the dirt does not get into the system.

Big range of gears: The Rohloff hub has a large transmission range. 526% range of gears.


Discover the high engineering skills of gear construction.

Complete transparancy, Maximum detail. No secrets. Thats the idea behind one oft he most revolutionary drive trains that has ever been developed fort he bicycle industry. We want to offer every customer the opportunity to understand what is actually happening inside the box of tricks that is a SPEEDHUB.

If you ever wanted to know the benefits and function of a planetary gear system, what transmission ratios and gear increments are most effective, or how important the working efficiency of a bicycle transmisison actually is, then you are in the right place. Enjoy the heavy reading. We thank you for taking such a strong interest in our flagship product – the SPEEDHUB 500/14.

For mounting guide videos click here.

Internal gear ratio

Gear 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
IGR 0,279 0,316 0,360 0,409 0,464 0,528 0,600
Gear 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
IGR 0,682 0,774 0,881 1,000 1,135 1,292 1,467



Number of gears: 14
Gear increments: even 13.6%
Range of gears: 526%
Frame spacing/ O.L.D.: 135mm
Number of spoke holes: 32/36
Spoke flange spacing: 58mm
Spoke hole PCD: Ø100mm
Spoke hole diameter: Ø2.7mm
Spoke flange thickness: 3.2mm
Axle diameter at dropout: 9.8mm
Axle - overall length: 147mm
CC axle - internal diameter: Ø5,5mm, for quick release lever
TS axle - overall length: 171mm
TS axle thread: M10x1
Brake rotor center diameter: Ø52mm
Brake rotor mounting bolt PCD: Ø65mm
Brake disc mounting bolts: 4 x M8x0.75
Distance between dropout and center disc mount: 16.3mm (IS1999)
Weight: 1700g (CC), 1800g (CC EX), 1825g (CC DB)
Oil volume: 25ml max.
Sprocket thread: M34x6 P1, tolerance 6H
Sprocket type: with bike chain 1/2″ x 3/32″ (ISO Nr. 082)
Number of sprocket teeth: 16 (optional: 13, 15 and 17)
Chainline: (Sprocket): 54mm (58mm with 13tooth sprocket)
Beltline Gates Carbondrive beltline: 54.75mm
Smallest permittable gear ratios (normal) Chain: 38:17, 34:16, 30:15, 28:13 (transmission factor ~ 2.1)
(Riders over 100kg/tandem) Chain: 42:17, 40:16, 38:15, 34:13 (transmission factor ~ 2.5)
Smallest permissible belt sprocket ratios (26”) Gates Drive: 42/19,42/20, 46/22, 55/24 (transmission factor ~ 2.10)
(Riders over 100kg/tandem) Gates Drive: 46/19,50/20,55/22,60/24 (transmission factor ~ 2.50)
Maximum input torque: 100Nm
Gear control: Twist shifter
Twist shifter angle per gear change/over all: 21°/273°
Gear control transfer: via two shifter cables (pull-pull system)
Shifter cable movement per gear change/over all: 7.4mm/96.2mm
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