Gates CDX Belt black-blue

Gates CDX Belt black-blue

Gates CDX Belt black-red

Gates CDX Belt black-red

Gates CDX Belt black-black

Polyurethane belt with carbon tensile cords
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Gates CDX Belt black-black

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Cdx is a good choice if you would like to get the best performance in any conditions. Gates Carbon Drive is a low-maintenance, chain-replacing technology from Gates Corp. Clean, quiet, light and strong, Carbon Drive requires no greasy lube, weighs less than a chain and will not stretch thanks to the carbon fiber reinforcement. Due to its low maintenance and cleanliness, Carbon Drive is a technology makes it easier for people to get on bikes and reach another level of cycling experience.

Global trekking, high-mileage touring, competitive racing, or rugged off-roading: Gates CDX™ line performs in the harshest conditions. Rooted in technology originally designed for dragsters, our CDX line brings similar power, reliability, and durability to bicycles. Less weight. Instant engagement. More fun. 

The Benefits of the belt drive system:

  • Clean  - No Lubrication means no greasy build up of dirt, keeping your hands, clothes, and children clean. 
  • Smooth – The Carbon Drive system eliminates the metal-to-metal contact of chains, delivering an unparalleled smoothness that you need to feel to believe. 
  • No Noise – The Carbon Drive belt is virtually silent in most riding conditions. 
  • Light Weight – The entire system, 2 sprockets and a belt, weighs less than just a typical chain. 
  • No Stretch – The Carbon Drive belt does not stretch over time like a chain. This means you don’t have to re-tension the belt, or replace the belt due to stretch. 
  • Self-Cleaning – The patented CenterTrack and MudPort profiles were designed specifically to shed mud, dirt, snow and other debris to meet the needs and environmental challenges of a bicycle. 
  • Life – Testing has shown the Carbon Drive belt to last more than twice the life of chains. 
More Information
Weight 1.0000
Category Drivetrain
Brand Gates
Edition CDX
Type Belt
Part number N/A
Mounting CDX CenterTrack sprockets
Material Polyurethane with carbon tensile cords
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