Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Strip S-26/27.5” (x2)

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Strip S-26/27.5” (x2)

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless KIT

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Tubeless KIT

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Strip Plus (x2)

Caffélatex Strip gets wider to fit Plus and Fat rims. It’s still a very light, puncture-proof and transparent tubeless rim strip that allows easy tubeless conversion of most Plus and Fat mountain bike wheels, using Tubeless or Tubeless-Ready tyres and Caffélatex sealant.
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Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Strip Plus (x2)

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  • easiest way for tubeless conversion
  • lightest tubeless rim strip in the market
  • long lasting, can be moved from one wheel to another
  • extended range of widths, covering Plus and Fat rim sizes
  • puncture-resistant


Available in different sizes:

Caffélatex Strip Plus and Fat is available in all the needed sizes, to cover all the Plus and Fat wheels in the market.

Sold as kits containing two rim strips and two 40 mm tubeless valves (2 wheels per kit):

  • Strip Plus S 26″/27,5″ (x2)
  • Strip Plus S 29″ (x2)
  • Strip Plus M 26″/27,5″ (x2)
  • Strip Plus M 29″ (x2)
  • Strip Plus L 26″/27,5″ (x2)
  • Strip Plus L 29″ (x2)
  • Strip Fat S 26″/27,5″ (x2)
  • Strip Fat M 26″/27,5″ (x2)
  • Strip Fat L 26″/27,5″ (x2)

The six widths are:

  • Plus S (40 mm): for rims with external width between 35 and 40 mm;
  • Plus M (45 mm): for rims with external width between 41 and 45 mm;
  • Plus L (50 mm): for rims with external width between 46 and 50 mm;
  • Fat S (70 mm): for rims with external width between 60 and 65 mm;
  • Fat M (85 mm): for rims with external width between 75 and 80 mm;
  • Fat L (105 mm): for rims with external width between 95 and 100 mm;


Weights(*) for a single Strip, for each size are:

  • Strip Plus S 26″/27,5″: 55 g
  • Strip Plus S 29″: 58 g
  • Strip Plus M 26″/27,5″: 68 g
  • Strip Plus M 29″: 72 g
  • Strip Plus L 26″/27,5″: 91 g
  • Strip Plus L 29″: 95 g
  • Strip Fat S 26″/27,5″: 115 g
  • Strip FatM 26″/27,5″: 122 g
  • Strip Fat L 26″/27,5″: 205 g

(*) tolerance +/- 10% on nominal weight

Highly resistant:

made using a proprietary polymer blend, Caffélatex Strip has very high mechanical strength and resistance to punctures. It’s also very stable from a chemical standpoint and cannot be damaged by water or Caffélatex.

WARNING: using sealants containing aggressive chemicals or ammonia, or cleaning the rim with aggressive chemical products can damage Caffélatex Strip and may represent dangers to the user. We recommend using only Caffélatex sealant or Espresso inflate & repair cartridge with Caffélatex Strip.

Easy to use:

Caffélatex Strip is the ultimate tubeless solution for very difficult rims (aluminum rims with mat surface finishing or carbon rims with mould release treatment, where no tape sticks very long; rims with very deep channel, asymetric spoke-holes; entry level pinned rims where the junction is not welded).

Five easy steps
To convert a rim to tubeless, simply remove the existing rim-strip, choose the appropriate Strip size (chart above) and follow five easy steps (pictured):

  1. Insert the provided Caffélatex Tubeless Valve in the Strip, so that the rubber base is in contact with the Strip (as in picture, #1);
  2. Secure the Strip to the rim, tightening the nut on the valve stem. It’s important to push the valve base against the rim while doing so, to achieve a better air-tightness.
    IMPORTANT: some single-wall rims (mostly aluminum, cut-out rims for fat bikes) might require fitting two washers on the valve before threading the nut, to achieve proper tightness. We provide 2 washers per valve for Plus L and all Fat Strip;
  3. Keeping the wheel with the valve at 12 o’ clock, finish mounting the Strip onto the rim. We know, it’s tight, but it’s do-able;
  4. With a screwdriver or a similar tool, center the Strip inside the rim channel;
  5. It’s done!

Additional details in the tech video below.


I’m having troubles mounting the Strip Fat on my wheel… is there anything wrong with the product?

Strip Fat is not easy to stretch and mount on the rim, but with the right technique it’s surely possible. We’ve converted ClownShoe rims using the Strip Fat L and so have done many customers… here below some additional tips:
– wear cotton gloves to protect your hands;
– insert the valve in the strip;
– mount the strip inserting the valve in the rim, tightening the valve with two washers and the nut;
– place a carton on the floor and position the wheel on it, keeping the valve on the highest spot;
– hold the Strip firmly with your hands, holding it 20 cm from the valve on each side. Take a breath and prepare for the effort;
– keeping the Strip with your hands, use your body weight to stretch it, leaning on the wheel and pushing it hard toward the floor;
– the Strip will stretch, and you should continue your action slowly inserting it on the wheel, sliding your hands on the Strip itself. Don’t ever release the Strip while doing this, just work hard and keep pushing it down;
– when you get closer to the floor, you should change the technique: as you’d do mounting a tubular, push your belly on the top of the rim (where the valve is) and lift the wheel so that the last part of the strip is now facing you. That is the most difficult moment, where you should make one extra effort to insert the last 20 cm of the strip in the wheel channel. It’s not easy and first timers might have to try several times until they master the technique and finally have the Strip on the wheel;
– once the Strip is in the rim channel, just use a long screwdriver to correctly position it, as in the video.

Why introducing the Strip when you already have a tubeless conversion Tape?

For most applications adhesive tubeless tape is great, and it will always be lighter than a tubeless rim strip.
However, tape requires time and some basic mechanical skills to be installed properly: the Strip can be mounted in a couple of minutes and will work flawlessly even with deep-channel rims or asymmetrical rim shapes.

Unlike adhesive tapes that stay inside the rim channel, the Strip climbs on rim internal walls and in some cases can be seen from the outside, when the tire is mounted. Why?

The idea is to create air tightness between the tire and the Strip, especially useful for pinned rims: in those rims the junction is not welded, and sealing the spoke holes in the rim channel is not enough as selant/air can seep through the rim walls at the junction. As the Strip is born to be the ‘no problem’ tubeless converter, we have to cover also those rim types.

Beside being easier to use, what’s the advantage of the Strip over tapes?

Something you can do with the Strip that you can’t with tape is moving the Strip from one rim to another. As the Strip material is very durable, its lifespan can exceed the one of the rim it’s mounted on, and can be removed and mounted on another rim.

The Strip is puncture proof. Why?

Being resistant to cuts/puncture, the Strip is immune to the tyre-lever damages that were so common on butyl tubeless liners. The puncture resistance becomes more relevant when using the Strip on cut-out rims.

My rim has a Schrader valve hole (diam. 8,5 mm). Should I use a valve adapter?

The Strip will easily convert any Schrader-drilled rim, no need for any adapter (just use the provided tubeless valve and insert it in the Strip before mounting the Strip on the rim, as described above).

Made in Italy.

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