Challenge Record PRO HTU 22

Challenge Record PRO HTU 22

Challenge Strada Bianca RACE VCL 33

Vulcanized clincher, gravel tyre. Providing good grip on rough road. Thanks to it's high(120) TPI and the extra PPS layer it is amazingly durable. For the gravel racer and adventurous road rider.
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Challenge Strada Bianca VCL is a good choice if you are about to ride on every surface anytime. The whole tire was designed to achieve the best grip on almost any surface with the highest durability. The 120 TPI and the tread pattern are making it possible. The higher the number of threads per inch (TPI), the thinner each individual thread, making a thinner and lighter casing and a more supple tire. Challenge is using an extra layer called Puncture Protection Strip (PPS) in their products, to reduce the risk of punctures.

Vulcanized clinchers went trough the process of vulcanization, which has some negative effect on grip, and flexibility, but it has higher resistance to oxidation, wear and tear abrasion. It is generally accepted that in the 19th century Charles Goodyear discovered that by cooking natural rubber with sulfur he could create a long-lasting rubber that had an almost infinite variety of uses. This irreversible process of causing the rubber molecules to link together with a curing agent such as sulphur is called vulcanization. These tires can be folded and are far lighter than their metal beaded equivalents. The metal beaded tire, while far cheaper, gives a harsher ride. But even though the tubular technology remains the apex, a good, high-end clincher on a hand-built cross three spoke wheel gives a wonderful ride. The tread vulcanized onto clinchers is generally thicker. For this reason, a clincher tire will usually last longer.

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More Information
Weight 0.3550
Category Tire
Brand Challenge
Usage Gravel
Type Vulcanized Clincher
Width 33
Part number 01958
Series Race
Color Black-black
ETRTO 700-33
Required rim ETRTO 622 - 15-19
TPI 120
Puncture protection -
Recommended pressure 4-6 bar
Bead type Aramid
Casing material Nylon
Thread compound rubber Vulcanized
Inner tube -