Albedo100 Permanent Reflective Spray

Albedo100 Permanent Reflective Spray

Apidura Expedition Accessory Pocket (4.5L)

Apidura Expedition Accessory Pocket (4.5L)

Albedo100 Reflect-ON Roll-on

Reflect-On is a roll-on reflective coating that is perfect for clothes, accessories, shoes and any other materials. The roll-on feature allows for more control and precise applications, which means you won’t miss a spot and no product is wasted. Allowing great results, and more applications.
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Albedo100’s new product, Reflect-On gives you all the shine of our textile spray with a far more controlled applicator. As you would with any roll-on product, simply apply to the clothes, shoes or accessories that will come into contact in with headlights and remain more visible and therefore increasing your safety on the roads.


Like our sprays Reflect-On is a retroreflective product that reflects a light source back where it came from. As such a driver of a car would see you shining bright white in the darkness. With cycling becoming ever popular and drivers demanding more of the road – this is a must have product for commuters, athletes and enthusiasts alike.


1. Shake well before use. 

2. Liberally apply to the material that will be in contact with the light source. 

3. The added accuracy will allow you to draw patterns and write words on fabric and materials to further make yourself shine bright and keep yourself safe.


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Weight 0.0600
Category Tool
Brand Albedo100
Part number N/A
Volume 200ml
Usage Textiles and skin