We are Booda Bike

Let us introduce ourselves to understand Booda feeling:

Our Team:

Is built up by riders. We all love trying new things and stretch our boundaries which requires the right equipments. The past years we have been building custom bikes to reach those limits. Lot of experimenting and working-hours helped us to imagine and develope our refined products. These bikes were all designed in the name of quality-engineering and happiness. Life is too short to ride on a bike you don’t like. Ride the one that helps you reach your limits and places you’ve never been to. So just #Enjoytheride!

Our Bikes:

To make it simple - They are good. But I’m sure you want to know more. Wouldn’t you? A tasteful combination of classic lines and modern engineering. Traditional steel tubes, nice geometry spiced with carbon fork and modern, quality components like belt drive system. These properties are shared by all the Booda Bikes. To get a deeper explanation, you should check out the bike you are in love with.

"Smooth, premium, belt driven, clean. Improvements over conventions."

If you are interested in the booda feeling just grab a cup of coffee with us at our place or click on ‘Your bike’ and experiment. Have a nice day and #Enjoytheride!

Booda Bike Team